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Chimkhola (Nepali: चीमखोला) is a village development committee in Myagdi District in the Dhawalagiri Zone of western-central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 1456 people living in 270 individual households.[1]
Sheer Gaun, was the name of present Chimkhola because there was no habitation till the foot of Mount Dhaulagiri and as, Sheer refers to the starting so was called Sheer Gaun. Then the area had a huge forest and a river (now Bagarkhola) flowed in the middle of the forest. The forest was so dense that even in daylight the area was "Chim" (Dark) and as there was "Khola" river so people who came here started calling it Chimkhola. And people started living in the north MANGALEKHANE and was no longer the sheer gaun so the name CHIMKHOLA became its name.

With 8925 hectares, 77% of land covered with river and forest whereas remaining part cultivated Chimkhola has its own importance in the hills of Myagdi District. Gaun at the heart of sloppy mountain beneath the shady Raniban where Ghoral, Ratuwa and many birds share common habitat has a beautiful and calm morning, fabulous successful day and safe secure night. It shares its border with Bega in the east, Darmija in the south, Pakhapani in the west and Mangale in the North. With many everlasting beautiful places like Panidakne Dada, Sarakhola, Raghuganga, Gaun Khola, etc. it can fascinate any nature loving human towards it.

The history of this place is hidden and difficult to encrypt as the written chronological are not found. How the human settlement began in this place is only a verbal tradition as told by the ancestors to their descendants.
In 1560 BS (1504 AD), when there used to many tiny Baiyesa and Chaubesi Rajya(state). Then Malla Dynasty, King Dibambam Malla had his administrative offices at Benighat and his capital was Dholthan (it was in the north of Beni Bazaar and now is called Pulachaur VDC). Security was the main subject, as many disputes rose between these tiny sates often so any unknown faces were strictly watched. One day two new guys at Benighat used their magical power to cook food and the king knew this through his detectives. They were then summoned by the king and asked to perform their Magical power. Then they asked for a big and a small log; lied the bigger and erected the small above it, by rotating one upon other produce the fire.

Song and Gazal

kahile aago kahile paani sandhai timro aanakaani ma kati sahu kati parkhi basu ma kati sahu kati parkhi basu kasari chalchha jindagani jindagaani......

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